AAC Block Production Line

AAC Block Production Line

AAC block production line, also known as aerated concrete block line, is a kind of lightweight block production line. According to different types of raw materials, quality and processing characteristics of equipment, AAC block machines are differently designed. The production process is as follows: Mix fly ash or silica sand, slag and water into slurry, stir the slurry together with powdered lime, a certain amount of cement, plaster and foaming agent, and then pour them into the mold box. After resting foaming solidification, AAC lightweight block production line can cut them into blocks or plates in various specifications, and then send them into the autoclave by the steam-curing car. After high temperature and high pressure steam curing, AAC block machine can produce porous and light aerated concrete products. Adopting German advanced equipment, PLC automatic feeding and complete electric control system, our lightweight block production lines are quite famous both home and abroad. The whole aerated concrete block line includes feeding, mixing, pouring, preliminary maintenance, cutting, autoclaved maintenance, and so on.

Use of AAC Block Machine
AAC lightweight block production line is widely used in industrial and civil constructions. We adopt the most mature technology of production to produce building materials.

Advantages of Aerated Concrete Block Line
1. Without any exhaust gas or waste residue, the production process of AAC block machine is in accordance with national environmental protection policy.
2. This lightweight block production line is equipped with a dedusting system for boiler gas and dust disposal which meet the requirements of smoke prevention and dust control.
3. Dust collector is used to improve the production environment and working condition.
4. Waste water and condensate water produced from AAC block machine can be recycled and reused. Acoustic treatment should be taken to reduce noise produced by ball mill machine.
5. AAC lightweight block production line features light mass, high intensity, heat preservation, sound insulation, etc.

Technical Process Technologies of AAC Block Machine
1. Fixed Point Pouring
Our company uses fixed pouring to save factory space, which is easy for centralized control. Different from stationary pouring, it overcomes the defect that the latter pouring material hardens first and can not be cut. The lightweight block production line is also safe and health to operate.
2. Cutting Technology of AAC Block Machine
Aerated concrete blocks need to be put into the static room for thermal curing so as to accelerate the hardening of brick green body, reduce the body’s static time and improve the production efficiency. Bricks manufactured from AAC lightweight block production line are characterized by uniform density, good pore structure, high strength and good frost resistance. Our AAC blocks machines can produce products in winter. Environmental temperature will not result in the phenomenon of hard middle body but soft surrounding body. We adopt advanced turn-over cutting machines to carry out six surface cutting. The cutting technology features accurate size and beautiful appearance. This lightweight block production line also meets the national standards.
3. Steam Curing Process of AAC Block Machine
There are vacuum and exhaust types optional for customers. It must do procuring before steam curing. During the steam curing process, we adopt rapid raising pressure to reduce the curing time, improve production efficiency, make the product do not crack and acquire high product yield.

Founded in 1988, Jiangsu Tengyu Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacturing lightweight block production lines and block molding machines for more than 20 years. Our AAC block machines are well appreciated for their advanced design, sophisticated manufacturing, excellent quality and full service. They have won widespread praise and recognition by customers from over 50 countries and districts including Australia, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Zambia, Libya, Egypt, Indonesia, South Africa, Angola, Brazil, etc.

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