Tengyu Block Machine Auxiliary Equipment
  • JS Concrete Mixer
  • JS Concrete MixerJS concrete mixer is a kind of double horizontal shaft compulsory mixer. It can work independently, also can work with PLD batching machine to form simple concrete mixing station. This concrete mixing machine can provide main machines for the mixing station. It can be used in various big, medium and small precast concrete plants, highway, bridge, water conservancy, port and other industrial ...
  • PL Concrete Batching Machine
  • PL Concrete Batching MachinePL concrete batching machine is an automatic foreground machine that can works with mixers. It can batch materials automatically on the front desk. According to customers' specific requirements, this concrete proportioning machine can automatically finish the batching procedures for sand, stone, cement and other special ingredients. This equipment enjoys the merits of accurate weighting, high batc...
  • Block Stacker
  • Block StackerBricks can often be piled up automatically 3 to 8 layers by the block stacker. Then bricks will be carried to the maintaining place by the fork lifter. This block stacking machine or brick stacking machine is manufactured using high quality raw materials and other basic components that are procured from accredited vendors in the industry. Besides, it is also manufactured in adherence with the inte...
  • Autoclave Vessel
  • Autoclave VesselAutoclave vessel is also known as autoclave pressure vessel, steam curing kettle or autoclaved steam kettle. As a kind of large pressure vessel equipment, it is often used for high temperature and high pressure curing of concrete body that has already been cut. It is also applied for autoclave curing of autoclaved brick, sand-lime brick, fly ash brick, aerated concrete block, new lightweight wall ...
  • Pallet Pusher
  • Pallet PusherPallet pusher moves bricks from one conveyor to another. It consists of a pneumatically actuated push-plate with safety springs or shocks to eliminate hazards to the products and operators. It is also called block stacking machine or brick palletizing machine. Pallet pusher mainly consists of control system, hydraulic system and mechanical system. It adopts Japan MITSUBISHI new computer host chips...
  • Pallet Loader
  • Pallet LoaderPallet loader is a machine used for lifting bricks or adobes onto a handcart. This brick plate lifting machine or brick loading machine has a belt transmission mechanism that owns two parallel belts. A brick plate bracket is placed on the right of machine frame between the two belts. There is a lifting storage rack to store brick plates or adobes in the left end of belt transmission mechanism. Our...
  • Pallet Returner
  • Pallet ReturnerPallet returner, also known as pallet return conveyor, is often used in brick production line. The pallets are loaded or unloaded by pallet loader automatically and are transferred to assembly line or pallet return line. This pallet conveyor provides automatic return of empty pallets at the end of the line to the beginning of the line. It can convey pallets efficiently and fast. Besides, hydraulic...
  • Offline Palletizing System
  • Offline Palletizing SystemTengyu offline palletizing system is well known for low investment, quick return, low cost and high efficiency. Tengyu brick stacking system or brick palletizing system has also passed the CE certification. It mainly consists of lamination stacking device. There is a chain pitch device lying horizontally below the stacking device. Under the chain pitch device, there is a finished product conveying eq...
  • Automatic Cuber
  • Automatic CuberAutomatic cuber is also called automatic palletizing machine. It is an important equipment for completing three-dimensional warehouse, also the front-end equipment to put cargoes into the warehouse automatically. This brick stacking machine can easily stack single materials, which is convenient for transportation and beneficial to improve production efficiency. As a kind of mechatronic hi-tech pro...
  • Wheel Mill
  • Wheel MillWheel mill, also known as edge runner mill, is a machine with high grinding and mixing efficiency. It adopts upstream relative motion between planetary shovel and side scraper, so that the materials in the machine can move horizontally or vertically. This equipment often utilizes non-inflammable and non-explosive materials in the mining, metallurgical, industrial, chemical engineering and building...

Block Machine Auxiliary Equipment

There are some auxiliary equipment for bricking making machine, such as JS concrete mixer, PL concrete batching machine, block stacker, autoclave vessel, pallet pusher (palletizing machine), pallet loader, pallet returner, offline palletizing system, automatic cuber, wheel mill, etc. Compared with other brick machines, our block making machinery enjoys many advantages including more reasonable structure, more compact appearance, smoother operation and higher efficiency. It is also easy to operate and maintain. Auxiliary equipment for bricking making machine can help our block machine produce blocks with high strength and high density. In addition, our block making machinery can produce products with different specifications by changing kinds of moulds.

Details about Auxiliary Equipment for Bricking Making Machine
1. Mixer
Mixer is an indispensable equipment for block making machinery. It can save a great deal of labor and improve mixing quality.
2. Batching Machine
PL batching machine is a foreground automatic batching equipment for concrete mixing equipment. As a kind of auxiliary equipment for bricking making machine, it can finish batching procedure of sand, stone and cement, according to the concrete proportional requirements. This block making machinery can be used in different working places. It is composed of storage hopper, weighing system, feeding system and electrical control system. Customers can choose pneumatic gate valve and belt conveyor feeding modes.
3. Block Stacker
This auxiliary equipment for bricking making machine features compact structure and high working efficiency. It stacks neatly and safely. This block making machinery can be used for a long time. Besides, it is of stable performance, affordable price and good after-sales service.
4. Autoclave Vessel
It is widely used for autoclaved curing of aerated concrete blocks, concrete pipe piles, lime-sand bricks, fly ash bricks, porous calcium silicate boards, insulated asbestos boards, high strength plaster and other building materials. This auxiliary equipment for bricking making machine (block making machinery) is also applied in rubber products, wood drying and preservative treatment, metal smelting, cable vulcanization, chemical, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries that need autoclaved curing production process.
5. Pallet Loader
This auxiliary equipment for bricking making machine realizes putting the bricks on the cart automatically. This block making machinery reduces labor intensity and improves working efficiency.
6. Pallet Pusher
It can greatly improve the production efficiency. It can also send and stack finished bricks.
7. Offline Palletizing System
This auxiliary equipment for bricking making machine features lower investment, quicker return, less manpower and cost, and higher efficiency.
8. Automatic Cuber
This block making machinery is an important device for completing three-dimensional warehouse. It is also the front-end equipment to put cargoes in the warehouse. With this auxiliary equipment for bricking making machine, it is easy to transport bricks.

Jiangsu Tengyu Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is a leading supplier and exporter of block making machinery and block molding machine in China. We have been committed to developing building material machinery and environmental protection equipment for over 20 years. In addition, our company also offers auxiliary equipment for bricking making machine, such as cutting machine, block hoister, wheel mill, automatic cuber, pallet returner, block stacker, etc. With a professional technical team of first-class rich experience and well-trained technicians, our block making machine has received a number of favorable comments from customers both home and abroad.

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