Cement Block Machine

Cement Block Machine

Our company is able to supply super high-quality cement brick machines for customers both home and abroad. The concrete block making machine can produce cement bricks, hollow blocks, perforated bricks, color paving bricks, curbstones, lawn bricks, slope protection bricks, and so on.
It is easy to operate and maintain. Tengyu cement block machines meet various application requirements of construction industry.

Features of Cement Brick Machine
1. Adopting automatic forced feeding system and hydraulic motor vibration, our concrete block making machines achieve automatic cycle production, high production efficiency, large quantities of finished bricks and stable quality.
2. The cement brick machine integrates mechanical, electrical and hydraulic device to realize PLC control and reliable operation. The main console uses computer interface operation (Chinese or English menu, LCD touch screen). The concrete block making machine can achieve parameter settings, random signal acquisition and fault diagnosis, thus it works in the best condition. With the remote communication, cement brick machines can realize remote monitoring, troubleshooting and system upgrade.
3. It has a wide range of applications and can produce standard bricks, hollow bricks, lightweight bricks, pavers and other concrete blocks.
4. Tengyu concrete block making machine features reasonable design, high strength, light weight, low consumption, good insulation, waterproofing, weathering-resistant, anti-permeability and long service life.
5. We can supply different colors of cement brick machines for customers.

We use engine oil to lubricate and clean this concrete block making machine.

Packing and Transportation
Our company adopts nude packing and sea transportation for cement brick machines.

Founded in 1988, Jiangsu Tengyu Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacturing concrete block making machines and block molding machines for more than 20 years. Our products are well appreciated for their advanced design, sophisticated manufacturing, excellent quality and full service. Tengyu cement brick machines or cement block machines have won widespread praise and recognition by customers from over 50 countries and districts including Australia, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Zambia, Libya, Egypt, Indonesia, South Africa, Angola, Brazil, etc.

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