PL Concrete Batching Machine

PL Concrete Batching Machine

PL concrete batching machine is an automatic foreground machine that can works with mixers. It can batch materials automatically on the front desk. According to customers’ specific requirements, this concrete proportioning machine can automatically finish the batching procedures for sand, stone, cement and other special ingredients. This equipment enjoys the merits of accurate weighting, high batching precision, speedy work, strong controlling and easy operation. PL concrete batching machine composes of aggregate silo, weighing system, feeding system, control system and other components.

Applications of PL Concrete Proportioning Machine
PL series batching machines, together with a variety of mixers with corresponding specifications, can form various small and medium-size mixing stations. This concrete batching machine can also be used in autoclaved fly ash brick or sand-lime brick production line.

1. Tengyu PL concrete proportioning machine can effectively guarantee batching accuracy and increase productivity. It is also featured with simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. Due to accurate measurement, this concrete batching machine can effectively guarantee the quality of fly ash bricks or sand-lime bricks.
2. The machine body adopts split type layout structure, convenient for feeding various materials.
3. PL concrete proportioning machine is well known for its high-level automation.
4. Our concrete batching machines can automatically complete batching according to customers’ concrete proportion.

1. When we start the PL concrete proportioning machine, the measurement hopper should be empty. Otherwise, we should manually empty the left materials in the hopper. If it does not display ‘0’, we should press the reset button and make it display ‘0’.
2. If the batching controller of the concrete batching machine does not work normally, we can turn off the power then reboot.
3. After starting up the concrete proportioning machine, the first batching and measurement process is an automatic correction procedure. We will follow the first corrected result to do batching work. Each material will be batched in two stages so as to meet the measurement requirements.
4. When using the PL concrete batching machine, we should notice that the measurement hopper is not stuck by some debris.
5. Before starting this concrete proportioning machine, we need to check whether wires or components in the line are loose or not. If loose, we should connect and reinforce them. It is forbidden to put debris in the hopper.

Specifications of PL Concrete Batching Machine

Type PL800 PL1200 PL1600
Scale Hopper Volume 800 L 1200 L 1600 L
Store Hopper 1500 L*2 2500 L*3 3000 L*2
Productivity of PL Concrete Proportioning Machine 48 m³/h 56 m³/h 75 m³/h
Batching Precision ± 1% ± 1% ± 1%
Materials 2 3 4
Load Height 2400 mm 3000 mm 3000 mm
Belt Speed 1 m/s 1 m/s 1 m/s
Power 3*2.2=6.6 kw 3*4=12 kw 3*4+1*5.5=17.5 kw

Packing and Transportation
Our company adopts nude packing and sea transportation for PL concrete batching machines.

Jiangsu Tengyu Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is one of the large-scale enterprises specialized in manufacturing block making machines and concrete proportioning machines in China. We have been committed to developing building material machinery and environmental protection equipment for over 20 years. There are also some auxiliary equipment including block stacker, concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, pallet pusher, pallet loader, and so on. Our company persistently pursues quality and credibility, and keeps paces with advanced manufacturing technology of block making machines in the world. Tengyu concrete proportioning machines have received CE certification.

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