Tengyu Fly Ash Block Making Machine
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Fly Ash Block Making Machine

Autoclaved fly ash block making machine is suitable for mixing granular materials, such as fire clay, fly ash, tailing sand, slag, foundry sand, and so forth. This kind of coal ash brick making machine is also extensively used in baking-free brick, autoclaved brick, refractory material, ceramics and construction industry. It is well received and highly appraised for its good mixing effect, high production efficiency, remarkable energy-saving effect, easy installation and maintenance, good sealing, no environmental pollution and strong adaptability.

Applications of Fly Ash Block Making Machine (Coal Ash Brick Making Machine)
1. Autoclaved Lime Sand Brick Machine
It is used for producing autoclaved sand-lime bricks. It has big molding pressure and high yield. The presses brick is of high density and is applicable for river sand, sea sand, sand blown by the wind, sedimentary sand, tailing sand and other materials. We adopt three times graded compression, twice exhaust, together with the high-pressure autoclave, making products have high strength and low shrinkage. Meanwhile, the finished products are not easy to crack.
2. Autoclaved Fly Ash Block Making Machine
This coal ash brick making machine is applied for positive pressure fly ash brick production. It adopts semi-dry pressing molding technology to make finished products with high density. It can be used together with fully automatic stacking machine. This equipment is characterized by high yield and high labor productivity. By changing moulds, autoclaved fly ash block making machine can produce hollow bricks, hollow blocks and many other types of products.

Performance Advantages
1. Our coal ash brick making machines adopt double-sided pressure principle and implement optimized hydraulic transmission scheme.
2. Fly ash block making machine adopts PLC automatic control. It is equipped with a touch screen interface. This equipment features high technology, easy operation and low labor intensity, thus greatly improves the brick production.
3. Eight-panel brick molding machine cannot exhaust during pressing process. Different from this machine, our coal ash brick making machines repeatedly exhaust in the brick pressing process, avoiding cracking phenomenon.
4. Fly ash block making machine adopt unique static mode, with low noise and low power consumption characteristics.
5. It uses imported components and hydraulic parts with high-tech and high-precision, integrated circuit, electrical control and compact structure. The coal ash brick making machine is reasonably designed to facilitate the after-sales maintenance. Fly ash block making machine is better than eight-panel brick molding machine that has more wear parts and is more difficult to maintain.

Brick Making Advantages
Under high pressure, we mix materials containing silica (lime sand, fly ash, slag, tailing, etc.) with lime and water. After compaction, molding and high-pressure steam curing, the finished products are made. Our coal ash brick making machines (fly ash block making machines) are known for high strength, stable performance, neat appearance, convenient construction, etc. Bricks made from our machines have become the most ideal new type wall materials to replace the solid clay brick.

With registered capital of 25,680,000 RMB, Jiangsu Tengyu Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in producing fly ash block making machine and environmental protection equipment. The main products include AAC equipment, fully automatic coal ash brick making machine and fully automatic block production line. We offer our clients with qualified products, guaranteed service and favorable price. With advanced technological equipment, tremendous technical strength and reliable product quality, our fly ash block making machines have won widespread praise and recognition by customers from over 50 countries and districts.

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