Pallet Returner

Pallet Returner

Pallet returner, also known as pallet return conveyor, is often used in brick production line. The pallets are loaded or unloaded by pallet loader automatically and are transferred to the assembly line or the pallet return line. This pallet conveyor provides automatic return of empty pallets at the end of the line to the beginning of the line. It can convey pallets efficiently and fast. Besides, hydraulically operated transfer system can keep pallet return conveyor moving on time and working in good order.

Pallet conveyor is mainly used in building cast-in-place, road and railway, bridge and ancient building, reinforced concrete protective layer pad, support beam, and so on.

Features of Pallet Return Conveyer
1. It features fully hydraulic operation. It also achieves conveying plates twice.
2. Pallet conveyor adopts imported PLC to realize computer control. It can send plates compulsively or manually. Besides, it can convey materials automatically, safely and efficiently.
3. Tengyu pallet return conveyor is simple and convenient to operate. It also features long service life, light weight, low noise and stable performance.
4. Our company is a professional manufacturer of pallet conveyors. We make use of single plates to convey materials, reducing damage to pallets to the maximum.

Jiangsu Tengyu Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is a national large hi-tech enterprise engaged in manufacturing block making machines and pallet return conveyors for more than 20 years. We specialize in machinery design, production, sale, commissioning and after service of building material machinery and environmental protection equipment. Our company is able to provide pallet conveyors with high quality and different dimensions to satisfy customers’ different demands. Our pallet return conveyors are mainly exported to over 50 countries and districts covering Australia, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Zambia, Libya, Egypt, Indonesia, South Africa, Angola, Brazil, etc.

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