QT 3-15 Semi-Automatic Block Machine

QT 3-15 Semi-Automatic Block Machine

QT 3-15 semi-automatic brick making machine is a new kind of cement brick machine with large capacity. It is specially manufactured for many small and medium-size companies. Users can produce various concrete blocks, paving stones and curbstones by changing molds. This equipment adopts hydraulic control to achieve manual operation and to feed materials and pallets automatically. This semi-automatic brick making machine also uses forced feeding device to feed materials quickly and smoothly. Our cement brick machines have gained the CE certification and have won widespread praise and recognition by customers from over 50 countries and districts.

1. QT 3-15 semi-automatic brick making machine uses Germany SIEMENS PLC control system and SIEMENS touch screen.
1) It has a human-computer interface screen with easy operation.
2) This cement brick machine is able to set up, update and amend the production parameters to maximize the production output.
3) It offers a dynamic display of the system’s status, automatic trouble shooting and warning notice.
4) The semi-automatic brick making machine owns an advanced logical safety lock, avoiding mechanical accidents caused by operational mistakes.
5) This cement brick machine is able to troubleshoot via remote control.
2. It uses proportional electrical and hydraulic controlled relief valves to automatically adjust the oil flow and pressure as per specific working requirements and to buffer the hydraulic cylinder when working. QT 3-15 semi-automatic brick making machine also uses integrated high-pressure and soft oil pipes with easy installation.
3. This cement brick machine offers optimum structure of vibrating shafts, which ensure that vibration is distributed uniformly in the range of the vibrating table. Thereby it improves the uniformity and stability of blocks, produces products with better quality than before when using the same ratio of raw materials, and effectively reduces noise.
4. The semi-automatic brick making machine uses a special design of fixing table and knock type vibration to improve its production speed and accuracy.

Service of QT 3-15 Cement Brick Machine
1. Pre-sale Service
We provide consultation for users, confirm the scale of operation and develop a detailed construction plan to meet their needs with minimal investment and the optimal configurations. Our company does not provide samples of semi-automatic brick making machines.
2. In-sale Service for Cement Brick Machine
According to customers’ specific site conditions, we will provide a good product layout program. Our company also cooperates with users to do plant layout, circuit layout, the arrangement of the entire production process, and guides them to prepare basic equipment.
3. After-sales Service
Once our QT 3-15 semi-automatic brick making machines (semi-automatic cement brick machine) are sold, our company will send professional technicians to the clients’ company to provide free guidance for installation, commissioning, mold replacement and related technical training, until they can produce qualified products.

Parameters of QT 3-15 Semi-Automatic Cement Brick Machine

Cycle Time (s) Pallet Size (mm) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Specification (mm)
20-25 700 × 540 × 30 17.2 4200 5100 × 4600 × 2550

Theoretical Output Table of QT 3-15 Semi-Automatic Brick Making Machine

Type Specification (mm) No./Pallet Block/Hour Block/8 Hours Remark
Block 400 × 200 × 200 3 540 4320
Hollow Block 240 × 115 × 90 10 1800 14400
Solid Brick 240 × 115 × 53 20 3600 28800
Paver 200 × 100 × 60 12 1600 12800

We use engine oil to lubricate and clean QT 3-15 cement brick machines.

Packing and Transportation
Our company adopts nude packing and sea transportation for semi-automatic brick making machines.

Jiangsu Tengyu Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of cement brick machines and block molding machines in China. We also supply cutting machine, block hoister, wheel mill, automatic cuber, pallet returner, block stacker, and so on. With a capacity of 500 sets machinery productions, our semi-automatic brick making machines are sold to various districts of China and exported to dozens of foreign countries and districts all over the world, such as Australia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, India, Angola, Zambia, South Africa, Syria, Brazil, Venezuela, etc.

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