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  • QT Series Block Machines
  • QT Series Block MachinesQT series cement brick machines are well received for pollution abatement, environment protection, energy saving, protection of cultivated land, and so forth. This equipment is the best substitute product for machines that produce solid clay bricks of high energy consumption and large occupying area....
  • QT Series Block Machine Line
  • QT Series Block Production LineThis automatic concrete block machine can finish material proportioning, molding, stacking, pallet supply, pallet cleaning and pallet returning automatically. Workers only need to monitor the operation. It is easy to control the whole production system. adopting unique hydraulic vibration technology and forced feeding device, QT block production line can satisfy the process requirements of differ...

Block Machines

Concrete block machine is also known as concrete block making machine or cement brick machine. It is mainly designed to produce concrete blocks and paving bricks. We adopt sand, stone, cement, fly ash, slag, perlite, industrial waste and others as the raw materials to make a variety of cement products. For the small block manufacturers who possess limited financial resources and need to produce concrete blocks and pavers on the same machine, Tengyu concrete block machine is the best investment choice. Automatic block making machine consists of control system, hydraulic system, material feeding system, vibrating system and stacker. Besides, our company is also able to customize cement brick machines according to customers’ requirements.

Applications of Concrete Block Machine
Concrete block making machine is extensively used for manufacturing hollow blocks, perforated bricks, solid bricks, paving bricks, curbstones, grass bricks, slope protection bricks, and so on.

1. Concrete block machine adopts hydraulic transmission as the main drive unit and mechanical transmission as the auxiliary drive unit. The mold box does directional vibration vertically contributing to good forming effect and high block strength. Applicable for a wide range of materials, our block making machines have become the most ideal equipment for manufacturing load-bearing blocks. 

2. Our concrete block machines adopt PLC intelligent control with high degree of automation. Hand feeding material is not necessary. They are also characterized by low labor intensity and high efficiency.

3. Cement block making machine is with rational design and compact structure. Adopting body welding technique, it can produce strong and special steel, and can make the body more stable and reliable.

4. Our concrete block machines are energy-saving machineries. Meanwhile, the production process is easy to learn.

5. Mold uses assembled structure, which is easy for replacement of wearing parts and maintenance, further saves cost. (The block making machine can be configured with independent automatic lowerator. Lowerator refers to a kind of equipment that can lower panels.)

Service of Concrete Block Machine
1. Pre-sale Service
We provide consultation for users, confirm the scale of operation and develop a detailed construction plan to meet their needs with minimal investment and the optimal configurations. Our company does not provide samples of block making machines.

2. In-sale Service for Concrete Block Machine
According to customers’ specific site conditions, we will provide a good product layout program. Our company also cooperates with users to do plant layout, circuit layout, the arrangement of the entire production process, and guides them to prepare basic equipment.

3. After-sales Service for Block Making Machine
Once our concrete block machines are sold, our company will send professional technicians to the clients’ company to provide free guidance for installation, commissioning, mold replacement and related technical training, until they can produce qualified products.

Jiangsu Tengyu Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is a national large hi-tech enterprise engaged in manufacturing concrete block making machines or concrete block machines for more than 20 years. We specialize in design, production, sale, commissioning and after-sale service of building material machinery and environmental protection equipment. Our company is able to provide machinery with high quality and different dimensions to satisfy customers’ different demands. Tengyu concrete block machines or cement block making machines are mainly exported to over 50 countries and districts covering Australia, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Zambia, Libya, Egypt, Indonesia, South Africa, Angola, Brazil, etc.

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